About Kroger

At present, society is perceived as a consumerist society by nature that, over the years, has become more demanding when purchasing products that are considered necessary. Therefore, at a global level, many distribution companies have been seeking to satisfy the needs established by the consumer and thus, to be able to position themselves in the market, offering the best possible service at the best price.

Kroger is known worldwide as one of the largest supermarket organizations. This company has a large number of stores, distributed in more than 24 countries, showing a wide extension in its establishments. In other words, stores with a larger surface area that can offer a diverse stock of products. Thus expanding trade in the competitive world market. It is characterized by selling food products in its chain of establishments but they also sell various other products, including jewelry.



The entire process of creating this retail and distribution chain began in 1883, when Barney Kroger set out to open a consumer goods store. BK decided to invest more than $ 370, which was all of his savings. The town he chose to carry out his project was downtown Cincinnati, exactly at 66 Pearl Street.

Kroger grew up under the influence of his father, who was a small merchant, which allowed him to pique an interest in establishing his own business. To start his project, he raised the following motto: “Be particular, Never sell things that you would not like yourself.” (Be particular, never sell things that you would not like yourself).

By 1900, a large number of food stores purchased bread from suppliers who made the product. However, Kroger seeking to have the best quality, deduced that if the bread was baked in his establishment, he could improve the quality. It could also cut costs and offer you a fresher and cheaper product than other stores.

For this reason, in 1901, it became the first food store in its country to own its own bakeries, as well as to sell fresh products such as meat and food. Everything in the same place. This entrepreneur envisioned an innovative idea to increase his profits, which consisted of making his own products and then selling them in his store. So when farmers came to town, he bought them vegetables, as well as a large quantity of cabbage. Then, he took the familiar recipe for “sauerkraut” and prepared it strong and spicy that conquered the palate of his German customers. Making the most of your merchandise to generate more income, investing the minimum


In the 1930s, Kroger became the first supermarket line capable of overseeing routine food production operations with regard to quality control and scientific product certification. This was because Kroger placed great importance on the quality and service that the consumer needs and wants.

In 1972, this organization implemented the use of barcode scanners, becoming the first American chain to pioneer this method. Event that drew the attention of the inhabitants of many localities who attended the event.

Later, in 1983, one hundred years later, Kroger merged with the American company, Dillon Companies Inc. originally from Kansas. Thus, it becomes a large end-to-end distributor in grocery, pharmaceutical and other interest stores.


However, the largest partnership established by this corporation occurred in 1999, when it merged with the company Fres Mayer, Inc, with a contribution of 13 million dollars. Extending its coverage to more strategic points throughout the geography. It also offered a wide variety of locations throughout the retail food store line of business. For this reason, Fred Mayer, implies a point of reference in the progress and evolution of Kroger.

In 2000, this company founded a program to not waste any products and reuse them. For this reason, their fresh and edible products that were not sold, are donated to the local food warehouse. This program distributes these donations quickly to guarantee freshness and quality.

Already in 2012, Kroger won the “Black Pearl” award, for the time and commitment it had with its consumers for all these years. This award is awarded annually by the AIPA “International Association for Food Protection” to a single company. As long as it meets the required parameters for food safety.


Kroger Co, in 2014, consolidated the partnership with Harris, achieving more than 200 stores and greater stability. It also achieved great growth in areas such as the Atlantic and Columbia.

Everything in the world changes, so do the needs of consumers. In this line, Kroger’s main goal was to meet the needs of consumers. For this, its supermarkets were transformed into a wide range of options available to the buyer and their needs.

It is in 2014 when he joined forces with Vitacost.com, one of the most important online organizations in the grocery market. Pioneers in promoting natural food and healthy life. In this way, Kroger began its accelerated foray into e-commerce.

Today, technology continues to mark the performance of this company. Nowadays they have reduced the time in answering their requests through their electronic channels. Being the most competitive of this new means of distribution.

Today Kroger is established as one of the largest suppliers in the world. It has located more than 2,700 shops in a wide and dispersed territory.


All that now defines said business corporation are elements conformed as a result of the beginnings of it. Thanks to the initiative of its creator, aiming at customer satisfaction.

Something that characterized this campaign is that its creator, when evaluating economic aspects, decided to implement the production of materials, such as his own bread. Always with the aim of promoting quality and thus avoiding the increase in costs generated by the supplier companies. In this way, it was able to conclude that, by generating its own production, it could lower their prices. This increased the possibility of purchase on the part of the clientele. In addition, it becomes more faithful and committed to the brand.

Kroger was one of the first businesses to develop its own products such as selling meat and food within its establishment. All this, by manufacturing them. The idea allowed him to earn money and establish himself as one of the most frequented companies.

In the same way, Kroger teamed up with other companies to cover more territory and meet the needs of its consumers.

Today, it is a company that has not only grown in terms of location and distribution but also in size of local establishments. Thus offering a wide variety of products for consumption from the most necessary and basic, to the most innovative.